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How to motivate your team this winter

How’s your staff handling the cold? This time of year, it can be be tough to keep spirits high when the thermometer’s plunging so low. Here are a few ways to keep your staff motivated and looking forward to spring.

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How to dress for professional success

First impressions are crucial in business...and Dress for Success wants to help women make some great ones. Here’s how you can help Dress for Success to improve the attire and confidence of local women, plus how to boost your own look for interviews, events, or your everyday 9-5.

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Your complete guide to planning an SK speaking event

We crave stories. Gathering to hear people speak is as old as civilization, and as modern as TED Talks, watched on phones and screens around the world. Within Saskatchewan, many businesses and organizations host events that feature great storytelling by inspiring speakers.

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Your essential guide to SK networking events this March

This March, we’ll see you at these 16 Saskatchewan business events, conventions, trade shows, and small business workshops.

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Protect your business with an expert IT Health Check

How healthy is your IT? Cyber security incidents are on the rise and that’s a costly threat for Canadian small businesses. An IT Health Check tests the strength of your company’s IT environment to ensure your IT fitness.

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How to maximize your sales funnel, featuring George Leith.

Meet George Leith, the CRO of Vendasta in Saskatoon. An expert in digital sales, George graciously offered to answer our readers’ burning questions on how to maximize their sales funnels.

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Why a sunny vacation is good for your business

Feel like you’re missing out on a sunny vacation? You’re not alone. Canadians left 40 million vacation days unused last year, according to a study by the travel website Expedia.

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Cybercrime hurts Canadian businesses. We’re here to help.

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that investigates and recovers data that has been stolen or leaked onto phones, digital devices, and computers. A relatively new field, digital forensics—like our Digital Forensics for Business service—is rapidly growing to combat the rising frequency and costs of cyber attacks.

We help SK businesses to thrive

We built Saskatchewan’s favourite networks so you can stay close to your people who matter most. Whether you’re overseas or just around the corner, we make sure you’re always connected to your friends, family, and your world.