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Protect your business with an expert IT Health Check

How healthy is your IT? Cyber security incidents are on the rise and that’s a costly threat for Canadian small businesses. An IT Health Check tests the strength of your company’s IT environment to ensure your IT fitness.

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How to maximize your sales funnel, featuring George Leith.

Meet George Leith, the CRO of Vendasta in Saskatoon. An expert in digital sales, George graciously offered to answer our readers’ burning questions on how to maximize their sales funnels.

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12 great gifts for entrepreneurs this Christmas

Need a gift for the hustling entrepreneur in your life? Here are a dozen gifts to warm an entrepreneur’s heart, boost their productivity, and help them build their business empire.

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11 ways to enjoy the holidays while running your business

The holidays are a busy, exciting, stressful time to run a small business. When you’re managing everything on top of gift shopping, party hopping, and family outings, your schedule can feel a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, here are simple ways to enjoy your holidays while you run your business from afar.

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Business FUEL: 34 resources for SK entrepreneurs & SMB owners

Starting or running a small business in Saskatchewan? Meet us at the FUEL Small Business Information Expo on Thursday November 15th, 2018 in Saskatoon, as SaskTel is a proud exhibitor.

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How to build an online sales funnel for your SK business

Big or small, global or local, your business needs an online sales funnel. It has many aliases (it’s also known as the purchase funnel, customer funnel, conversion funnel, and revenue funnel), and was first described by William W. Townsend in his 1924 book, Bond Salesmanship.

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Side Hustlers: What to read & listen to this summer

Being a side hustler means you don’t just work 9-5...you work 5-9 to make money off something you truly love. Here are 13 inspiring books, audiobooks, podcasts, and TED talks for side hustling Saskatchewanians.

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5 side hustle ideas to do in Saskatchewan

While the cost of living here in Saskatchewan is lower than many other parts of the country, it’s still not cheap. If you have a young family, you might be looking to supplement your income.

We help SK businesses to thrive

We built Saskatchewan’s favourite networks so you can stay close to your people who matter most. Whether you’re overseas or just around the corner, we make sure you’re always connected to your friends, family, and your world.