Protect your business with an expert IT Health Check

How healthy is your IT? Cyber security incidents are on the rise and that’s a costly threat for Canadian small businesses. An IT Health Check tests the strength of your company’s IT environment to ensure your IT fitness.

Just as your company is growing, so is the frequency of cyber security incidents like hacks, attacks, and leaks. So we’ve developed an expert IT Health Check to help small businesses detect IT health vulnerabilities before they become serious concerns.

An IT Health Check is a high-level analysis and assessment of the general state of your business’s IT environment. The goal is to identify risks so you can protect your most valuable assets.

Here’s how it works:

Our SaskTel technical expert meets with you to ask questions about your IT environment. We then evaluate the current state of your business in five categories: communications, network, applications and infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery.

You’ll then be provided with a report that rates your business in each category. We’ll give you supporting rationale for that rating, and recommend next steps for you to improve, optimize, and reduce your risk. The benefits of an IT Health Check: you’ll improve your IT efficiency, protect your reputation, align your business and IT goals, prioritize investments, leverage industry-leading expertise, and save you money.

Our experts often find vulnerabilities in two key areas:

Security for company phones

For company-issued mobile devices, we often discover that SK small businesses don’t have usage policies, proactive monitoring, or other security measures in place. This means your business can’t detect a security incident early on, which can potentially result in an inability to access your data or applications, a loss of data, or a theft of your information. Conversely, when your company does have a security plan in place that includes proactive monitoring, this helps prevent security incidents or detect them early on, before damage occurs.

Disaster recovery for your company

Many small businesses haven’t created a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan. These businesses also haven’t given serious thought to the impacts of short and long term interruptions to their IT environment. So we’ll recommend that you create a plan. Even if you have a rudimentary plan in place, this can prevent unknown risks for your recovery time in the event of a minor or major disaster. A recovery plan can potentially save you several days of getting your company back into an operational state—this can also save you significant money in lost revenue.

Ready to check the strength of your company’s IT environment?

Contact our technical experts at 1.844.SASKTEL.
You could also win a free IT Health Check for your SK business by entering our giveaway on Facebook.

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