SaskTel Announces New UNLIMITED Business Mobile Internet Plans Based on Speed

SaskTel Business now delivers unlimited data access to the internet wherever you need it in Saskatchewan through any wireless data device. Business Mobile Internet is the perfect solution for on-the-go business customers.

Mobile internet starting at $50 per month? What’s the catch? That’s what we asked Chad Lachambre, Marketing Manager for the Business Wireless division of SaskTel. He was happy to give us all the details, from the speed and reliability subscribers can expect, to the reason for providing the service in the first place.

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Chad Lachambre, Marketing Manager, Business Wireless

Business Mobile Internet sounds too good to be true. Is it?
It’s absolutely true. Mobile internet with no slow down speeds and no overages. You have truly unlimited data. It’s an all-you-can-eat kind of service. No other provider is offering anything like that across Canada right now – definitely not in Saskatchewan. It’s available on any mobile device you want to use, whether it’s a tablet, iPad, smartphone, or Mobile Office Hub product such as Novatel MiFi or Netgear Orbi – anything that can accept a SIM card and connect to the network.

If your business has more technical requirements, it supports that too. A static public IP can be added to these plans and many firewall and SD-WAN vendors (Fortinet, Cisco, Meraki, Juniper, Sierra Wireless, etc) have models that can accept a SIM card to provide cellular internet or VPN connectivity. This allows remote sites with no fixed internet options, and even mobile assets such as vehicles to quickly be connected to your corporate WAN for secure access to your mission critical applications and systems.

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How would you explain Business Mobile Internet service to someone not familiar with it?
If you think about your home internet service, you subscribe to a certain speed level. Maybe you have five megabits per second or 20 megabits per second or something really fast like infiNET at one gigabit per second. You’ve subscribed to a certain speed.

This mobile internet service works in the same fashion. Whatever speed profile you subscribe to – for example 10 Mbps – that's the speed you can get for both upload and download because the speeds are symmetrical. What’s different is, in the past, you used to purchase a bucket of data and when all your data was used up, you’d be charged for the overage. Now, your data is unlimited and you’re paying for a certain speed, just like you do at home or in the office.

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What are some typical business applications that can use this service?
There are endless use cases for Business Mobile Internet. It really depends on what the customer needs. It’s great for taking a video conference call while on the go, whether it’s through SaskTel IBC service with Webex, MS Teams, or Zoom. It’s also especially suited to uploading large images or video files, monitoring live security cameras, and any sort of high-resolution video streaming. Public transportation vehicles like buses, taxis, or ubers could leverage the service to share Wi-Fi connections with their passengers.

Can you use the Business Mobile Internet plans anywhere in the province?

Yes, the service is available across Saskatchewan anywhere we have SaskTel cell coverage. The service is not currently available for roaming outside the province in Canada or the United States.

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How is SaskTel leading the market in Business Mobile Internet?
Where this service differs is it’s mobile and provides truly unlimited usage – no slowdown speeds and no overage charges. You don’t have to be in one spot to use it. You can use it anywhere, on the go. Other service providers may have a satellite dish or some form of equipment tied to your business and you’re connecting to the internet in that one stationary location and being charged for a data bucket and any overages used.

With SaskTel Business Mobile Internet, you have the option to use it at a fixed address, but you’re not tied to it. You can pick up your mobile device and use as much data as you want anywhere across the province.

  • Business Mobile Internet 5
    5 Mbps upload, 5 Mbps download
    $50 mo.
  • Business Mobile Internet 10
    10 Mbps upload, 10 Mbps download
    $100 mo.

  • Business Mobile Internet 25
    25 Mbps upload, 25 Mbps download
    $250 mo.

  • Business Mobile Internet 50
    50 Mbps upload, 50 Mbps download
    $500 mo.

*Pricing includes a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) discount

If you’re interested in learning how SaskTel Business Mobile Internet can benefit your business, please call 1-844-SASKTEL to speak with a sales representative.

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