Webinars for a WFH world

Here are some upcoming educational resources to help you and your business continue to thrive in the current work from home (WFH) landscape.


Work-Life Satisfaction in a Work From Home Environment

Working from home during the pandemic has made it seem like much of our life is up in the air. In this talk, you will learn about the tricks of attaining a sustainable balance between work and life, and how to create your own action plan to achieve work-life satisfaction, all while sharing the space with others at home. In addition, you will learn a few secrets for discovering a happier you, hence enriching your inner self, home, work, and community.

  • Who should attend: WFH Employees, Team Leaders, Business Managers
  • Where: Online
  • Admission: Free
  • Tips and tricks to attaining a sustainable work-life balance
  • Action plan creation to achieve work-life satisfaction
  • Secrets for discovering a happier you to enrich your life

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Virtual Leadership + Aligning Remote Teams for Success

2020 was filled with ups and downs, changing priorities, and, for many businesses, reductions in force. Restructuring priorities and roles can be taxing to those involved in the process. As 2021 continues in full force with many businesses choosing to remain fully remote through the end of the year and bracing for more pandemic-related challenges this fall, it’s easy for teams to get a little scuffed along the way. Things have changed no matter what your business looks like and implementing a methodical, data-based approach will remove much of the subjectivity and bias while also getting everyone on the same page and moving forward, completely aligned and ready to execute.

  • Who should attend: Executive Leadership, Decision Makers, HR Professionals
  • Where: Online
  • Admission: Free
  • How to realign leadership and non-leadership teams to new demands
  • Reassigning roles to people who will do a great job
  • Figuring out who to promote, how to manage new employees, who can step in and lead if needed, and much more

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Productivity for Working Remotely – A Google Digital Garage Session

Working from home can bring challenges, everything from setting up a healthy work routine to staying focused with all the distractions at home. Discover how to create a productive remote working environment for yourself by learning about healthy working habits and how to apply them at home.

  • Who should attend: WFH Employees, Team Leaders, Business Managers
  • Where: Online
  • Admission: Free
  • How to create a remote workspace
  • Ways to optimize your productivity at home
  • Suggestions for managing your digital wellbeing

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Pre-Recorded Webinars

Security is an essential part of digital transformation. In cyberspace, business resilience and cloud backup are imperative to protect your business applications and data from accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious activity. Join us for a pre-recorded webinar as secure digital transformation is discussed and learn how you can safeguard your business with SaskTel Cloud Backup.

In this free pre-recorded webinar titled Cyber Security and Cloud Backup, IT managers and business owners can learn more about:

  • Importance of backing up your business applications and data
  • Current digital landscape’s need for security
  • What Cloud Backup is and how can it protect your information

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In times of crisis, it is easy for organizations to default to old habits. But these are often the times when new approaches are most valuable. In the past four quarters, while many companies struggled, some companies gained advantage, increasing their sales and margins. So amid this period of uncertainty, how do companies adapt and grow?

Join Michael Jacobides, professor of strategy at London Business School, and Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute in San Francisco, on this free pre-recorded webinar titled Adapt and Grow Your Business in an Age of Uncertainty as they share insights from their recent Harvard Business Review article on seizing opportunities in the new normal.

CEOs, executive leadership and business owners will learn more about:

  • Identifying growth opportunities
  • Developing a systematic understanding of changing customer habits
  • Reconfiguring your business model
  • Why you should engage in more aggressive capital spending

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