Your roundup of the best tech news for July

Every month, we round up the best tech news to stay on top of changes in the tech space

The IT industry is ever-changing and exciting to be part of. Here are some of our favourite articles, podcasts, and tech announcements from the last month, featuring industry leaders that will help you work smarter on the job!

iOS 14 announcement at WWDC 2020

Accidental Tech Podcast, hosted by Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa, covered all the exciting announcements at WWDC 2020. They talked about all that’s new and exciting in the brand new iOS 14, including the new tools, features, and functionality that software developers will be able to implement when creating apps. It looks like there’s some big-time innovation coming!

Set up your remote teams for success

In this article, Three Tips to Set Up Remote Work Teams for Success, by Meraki, Esther Vogelfaenger outlines the best practices for ensuring that your team has everything they need in order to effectively do their jobs from home. While we might be in the middle of return-to-work plans in Saskatchewan, there are many companies that are embracing the work-from-home plan as a long-term business practice. Whether it’s a plan, providing them with the tools they need (like a VPN), or team buy-in, this article has the right tips to ensure success in working from home.

The new normal for IT strategies

In this episode of Cisco TechBeat, host Kevin Delaney discusses key points from a roundtable discussion with a group of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from Cisco Live. They share challenges, priorities, and opportunities in the role of a CIO.

Speaking of IT strategies, this article from Dropbox: Work In Progress discusses a new role in IT work, and the evolution of IT departments from earlier days. And IBM released an article, Four tips to strengthen the IT and business alliance, where they outline effective ways to build IT considerations into your company's decision-making process.

Learn from female entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) collaborated to launch an online tool that connects female entrepreneurs across Canada. Members can turn to the community to ask questions and provide insightful answers. This innovative tool will ensure that women have the resources they need in order to connect with experts in the industry.

Cisco Live 2020’s opening keynote delivers inspiration for innovation

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins delivered this inspiring keynote below at the Cisco Live 2020 Digital Event. He talks about how this year’s challenges have empowered us to use innovation to create new solutions.

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