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A booming tech market, right here at home
A recent article by Industry West addresses the growing tech industry right here in Saskatchewan. As the industry grows, there is a higher demand for people with skills in tech. SaskTech, an association of tech businesses, has been finding ways to help support this booming industry, from implementing education for young students to sourcing experts outside the province. With more assistance in the tech industry, this in turn will help other industries grow here.

Building client relationships in uncertain times
These uncertain times have been difficult for businesses and customers alike. What’s important for businesses at this time is to not lose sight of keeping their clientele happy. In a recent piece by Tech Times, they expand on five different points on how a business can not only maintain a relationship with their customers, but strengthen it. One interesting point mentioned is to use historical data to make more meaningful connections. For example, you can group customers together by interest and provide them with follow-up data or target them with specific emails to better assist in the purchasing process.

IT leaders having to adapt quickly to IT issues brought on by the pandemic
When the world shifted briskly due to the pandemic, so did the world of IT. There was a dramatic shift to all things digital. This has led to additional pressures for IT leaders. IT World Canada highlighted a few main concerns IT leaders are facing with this quick shift, predominantly being security. With increased cyber attacks, it’s important IT leaders are not skipping out on security measures, but rather taking extra precautions, including training, to make sure that security is still a top priority.

Electronic payments have seen a significant increase
When reaching for payment, people are increasingly choosing electronic forms. This has been increasing over the years, but saw a vast incline with the events of 2020. There has been a shift from paper payments like cash and cheque to more contactless options – not only for convenience, but also safety. A recent article by Payments Canada on how people are shopping includes a drastic shift from an in-person storefront experience to predominantly e-commerce.

The effects of augmented reality on business in 2020
Tech Times recently spoke to how augmented reality and virtual technology have undoubtedly become staples in everyday life for many, especially in 2020. Through a variety of apps and programs, people have continued to work, shop, and enjoy media from the comfort and safety of their homes. One of the many business benefits they have provided is more efficient and effective accounting. Using these tools allows businesses to never miss an invoice, avoid common human errors, and boost overall customer satisfaction.

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