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Every month, we round up the best tech news to stay on top of changes in the tech space.

Taking payroll to the cloud could be beneficial with new virtual working conditions
With no clear end in sight, working from home has become somewhat of a new normal for many companies around the globe. With a change in workspace comes change in procedures. This article suggests payroll should be moved to being cloud based. Although it was once easy to safely pass off documents in person while in the office, that’s not the case at this time. Moving payroll data to the cloud makes for a seamless transition when passing off documents as well as keeping company and employee information safe from fraud or becoming compromised.

Four tips for e-commerce entrepreneurs
This article features tips from expert Loren Padelford (VP of Shopify) as e-commerce entrepreneurs set forth into another year of business. With 2020 bringing significant changes to the world of e-commerce and the ways in which people shopped, 2021 looks to be bringing another incline in e-commerce shopping momentum. One of Loren’s tips stresses the importance of telling your brand's story. Consumers want to purchase from companies they can relate to, whether that be the fact they are local or because they have a relatable brand element.

Tech optimism rises while spending expected to decline
There’s no denying that the tech industry has been steadily on the rise. This article states that last year alone, technology saw a dramatic incline in digital solutions such as telehealth, remote communications, and online learning. These new developments have left tech optimistic about the growth in the industry. According to a report, it would however be difficult to keep up with the momentum created during the COVID-19 pandemic, so technology spending is expected to fall throughout the next year in all sectors. This is not due to a decrease in interest in the industry.

Software company helps support First Nations communities in Canada with COVID vaccine
A leader in customer engagement solutions software, Coconut Software announced in this article that they will be making a shift to help Canadian First Nations communities fight COVID 19. Completely free of charge, Coconut Software will provide software to schedule, manage, and measure vaccine appointments for First Nations communities. This software will ensure communities are able to quickly and safely receive the vaccine and protect themselves against the virus.

Closing the gender gap in the tech sector
With the tech sector only having plans to increase over the years ahead, it’s important for companies to think about how they plan to facilitate closing the digital gender gap. In this article, it is noted that women in the tech industry are significantly underrepresented, particularly in tech roles. While many women have shown lack of interest in the industry, women score above men when it comes to leadership, so this would be an ideal area to recruit women and promote their tech representation.

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