Your roundup of the best tech news for June

Every month, we round up the best tech news to stay on top of changes in the tech space

There’s a lot of great information to help round out your knowledge of the IT industry. Here are some of our favourites from the last month, featuring industry leaders that will help you work smarter on the job!

Network administration: Troubleshooting made simple
In this episode of Meraki Unboxed, you can learn how to simplify network administration troubleshooting. Find out about new enhancements to Cisco Meraki’s software and security tools with Simon Tompson and Jeevan Patil!

Spring clean your cloud applications
In this Tackling Your Cloud Applications To-Do List article by Oracle, they outline the best practices for improving your cloud applications. Whether you need to do a security review or you need a process for analyzing your reports, this article will give you some great tips and tricks to help your team. As a bonus, they also recommend three in-depth resources for understanding emerging technologies.

Security awareness should be a top priority
In this episode of Cisco TechBeat, Pieter Danhieux speaks about the importance of security, how developers should build for it, and why it should be top of mind for all organizations.

AI and machine-learning techniques
In this article from Oracle; How AI Can Take The Drudgery Out Of Tuning Machine-Learning Models, you’ll find fascinating information and data science about common problems with machine learning and how to customize and build better machine-learning projects.

Distance learning tools and virtual classrooms
If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re a business professional. But you also have a life outside of work. Right now, you might be dealing with kids at home while you’re trying your best to be productive in your home office. So what’s new in classroom news for your kids? This Cisco article, The Dawn of the Digital Learner, outlines some of the innovative transformations in store for the education system, through technology and thought leadership.

What tech news have you learned recently that has helped you? Let us know below in the comments, or share it with us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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