Your roundup of the best tech news for September

Every month, we round up the best tech news to stay on top of changes in the tech space.

Passwords you can feel secure about

Remembering a long list of passwords is never an easy feat. When it comes to protecting your digital business, a jotted down list of passwords doesn’t cut it. In this article, Engadget shares some of the new security updates to their LastPass password manager tool. One of those features helps grade your passwords for optimal security. They have also introduced dark web monitoring—this tool notifies you if your accounts appear on the dark web and could be at risk. Keeping your business digitally secure is top priority, and LastPass helps simplify that task.

Helpful working from home tips from industry experts

At the start of 2020, no one expected we’d spend this much time working remotely. With little to no preparation for working from home, many companies learned this new way of doing business on the fly. In a recent article by Cisco, several industry leaders share best work from home practices and ways to keep company information secure. One of the helpful tips that stood out was to be proactive when it comes to executing a business impact analysis and implementing business continuity plans.

Sharing and saving high quality digital files with ease

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in the work to create incredible digital files only to have them downgraded by a file-sharing service. Oracle reintroduced Oracle Content and Experience to provide an end-to-end service that can create, curate, manage and stream high-quality digital content. All of this content is easily stored in one central place, making digital file management not only simpler but more consistent.

IT solutions allowing teams to work from anywhere

In Saskatchewan, many of us have returned to work at the office, but a lot of teams are looking at ways to make remote work a more permanent option. As we shift to our next normal, Meraki IT team members share practical tips and IT tools to simplify remote work on a recent episode of Meraki Unboxed. These IT experts discuss how businesses have built agility and resilience over the past few months and are now returning to a growth phase as the market shifts. IT professionals and decision makers have the knowledge to shift workplaces to a more IT friendly and safe place for their staff with the use of the right IT tools.

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