Giving Good Gifts with Twisted Goods

You’ll do more than check off the names on your gift list when you shop at this specialty gift store. At Twisted Goods, the mission is to help you "Give Good Gifts," and you can always be certain you'll find the most fun, beautiful, and unique items.

We guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you need at Twisted Goods, an independently owned shop founded in Saskatoon. Each item is carefully selected with intentionality and meaning to make your gift giving experience one to remember.

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We had a chance to chat with the president, Angelica Fehr, who has owned Twisted Goods for 10 years now, having worked for the previous owner and founder for five years prior. With a passion for job creation and providing meaningful, flexible employment for women, Ang expanded the company over the past three years from four stores to now having eight locations in Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina, with plans to expand even further. Ang has also redoubled efforts to source products from local female and minority-owned charitable businesses, making each selection even more meaningful.

Q: What sets Twisted Goods apart?

A: Being a company run by women, many of us mothers, has been a distinct advantage. Our team benefits immensely from the skills that women and mothers foster and bring into our work environments. That includes the ability to make quick decisions, prioritize evolving needs, and produce excellent collaboration and team-building capabilities.

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Q: Can you share a few of the women in business who inspire you?
A: It's hard to narrow this down as there are so many... but to name a few:

Shashi Behl
, founder and former owner of Twisted Goods, founder and current owner of Joydrop Inc. I've still never met anyone else who has helped so many other women become entrepreneurs just by how she invests in, challenges, and empowers those who are around her.

Tammy Zdunich
, founder and CEO of The Well Co.Tammy is a complete game-changer in how she approaches her business with so much openness, vulnerability, and creativity. It's amazing to watch.

Mitzi Payne
, partner at Arcade Studios and Waves Social. Her companies are constantly coming out with fresh ideas, adding value to everyone who follows them – not just their clients – and are just uplifting and entertaining to watch. Mitzi is incredibly genuine and I think her sincere interest in others has become a superpower for her as an entrepreneur.

I'd say that integrity is a key theme that carries through all of the individuals I listed above, and a key theme in all of those who inspire me most.

Q: Any tips or words of wisdom for entrepreneurs or business owners just starting out?
A: My current tips would be:
Learn about strategic planning from the start and utilize it as often as possible! It will save you from so much wasted time, money, and effort.
. A lot of what we view as success is a mirage. Define your own success by looking at your values, and make sure every decision you make passes through them.
The people you place around yourself have a huge impact on your ability to succeed, so choose wisely.

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Having a reliable partner for internet service is vital for the business. As SaskTel customers, Twisted Goods’ marketing is all done through social media while a large majority of the business is run through online, cloud-based applications. The tools and tech used to run Twisted Goods are constantly evolving and Ang offers much praise to Shopify as their ecommerce platform, Sling as their internal scheduling/internal communications application, and Canva for much of their social media content creation.

Ang leaves us with a final piece of advice:
"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try."

Check out Twisted Goods online or in person at a boutique near you!

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